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New 1970s Summer Camp virtual instrument brings “the sound of early 1970s educational films” to life


Nov 23, 2022

A new virtual instrument from SampleScience brings “the sound of early 1970s educational films” to life. 1970s Summer Camp is a plugin shaped by the”pastoral sounds” typically found in educational documentaries of the time and”esoteric films” of the same era.

Among the features offered are 34 lo-fi sounds, multi-LFO, Room reverb, and three voice modes: polyphonic, monophonic, and legato. 1970s Summer Camp is available for $30 from the SampleScience site.

Earlier this year, Novation made its Bass Station and V-Station classic synth plugins available for free. Bass Station refashions the 1993 dual-oscillator hardware synth of the same name for your DAW, also comprising two digital oscillators and an analogue filter, while the V-Station is an 8-voice polyphonic synth that recreates the K-Station hardware synth first released in 2002.

Spitfire Audio also released a new free plugin this year. The plugin is called Tape Piano and is based on a classic upright piano, recorded through some vintage tape machines in order to achieve that saturated, warbled sound that lo-fi piano is famous for. 

You can also read our recent feature asking: are subscription models better for producers? We looked into the three different models for using plugins — outright ownership, continual rent, and rent-to-own to find out.

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