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How Wales is reclaiming its place in electronic music history


Nov 16, 2022

Ten exceptional Welsh releases from 2022

Minas ‘All My Love Has Failed Me’ [Libertino]

“Celtic brutalism and fusionist angst from one of Wales’ most exciting producer/ songwriters. Sits somewhere between Idles and LCD Soundsystem.”


Sachasom ‘Yr Offerynnols Uffernoliadaus!’ [Afanc]

“Off-the-wall beatcraft and mischievous experimentalism yn Gymreag. The title translates to ‘These Infernal Instruments’.”

Dead Method ‘Future Femme’ [Future Femme Records]

“Provocative alt-pop from Dead Method. Sizzling sing-alongs that don’t shy away from big questions.”

Kelly Lee Owens ‘LP.8’ [Smalltown Supersound]

“An intense exploration of self from the leading Welsh boundary-smasher, written during the early stages of the pandemic.”

Don Leisure ‘Shaboo Strikes Back’ [First Word Records]

“Dial-twisted global galavanting without moving from his Cardiff HQ, Darkhouse Family Don navigates a brilliant psychedelic sojourn.”

clÜ ‘Glas’ [Incurzion Audio]

“The full bass spectrum from the young Cardiff drum & bass producer, on one of Wales’ most innovative labels.”

Coco Dubz ‘Hypnagogic’ [2ceye]

“Woozy instrumental grime and deliciously trippy 140 business from ice-cold Cardiff producer Jess Coco Dubz.”

Brynach ‘Eye Of The Storm’ [3632156 Records]

“Lullaby tones and stunningly dreamy beats from the son of cult Welsh folk singer Meic Stevens.”

Thugwidow ‘Seventh Circle Of Litness’ [Western Lore]

“Brazen, old school hardcore jungle and breakbeat manipulated and sculpted with a 21st-century twist.”


“A massive various artists compilation released this summer on Bandcamp by the Welsh Electronic Music Producers Network. 27 slabs of raw, grassroots Welsh talent and all proceeds go to Red Cross Ukraine.”

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