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12 emerging artists you need to hear: November 2022


Nov 14, 2022

j.müller is nothing if not intentional. Poet, singer, producer, DJ — every new venture feels deliberate and un-compromised. Take her debut EP ‘j.müller 2.0’, released last month. The title suggests a renewal of sorts, and the music mirrors a spiritual and sonic journey that’s been two years in the making, each track brimming with supple layers of sound. And then there’s the lyrics, which, delivered with a wilful incantation, suggest an emerging worldview.

After years performing with slick pop-funk outfit Black Forest Ghetto, müller ventured solo for newer, DIY sounds. The result was 2018’s debut single ‘I Surrender i’, a lean production with a warbling bassline reminiscent of early trip-hop — a counter, perhaps, to the lush tones that used to surround her voice. Singles such as ‘rebirth’ and ‘b.a.w.n’ (badass woman now) slowly followed. And now there’s ‘j.müller 2.0’, which is, in a way, both a break and continuation. Sure the themes remain, but the sound points to a renewed inner journey. Ria Hylton

For fans of: Tracey Thorn, Batu, Four Tet

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