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Moktar releases new EP, ‘Immigrant’, via Steel City Dance Discs: Listen


Nov 11, 2022

Moktar has released a new EP via Mall Grab’s Steel City Dance Discs, titled ‘Immigrant’. Listen below.  

The Melbourne-based Egyptian-Australian DJ and producer’s second outing on the label finds him once again blending breakbeat, house and techno with Arabic music. Across the EP’s five tracks, decidedly anthemic beats and deep bass growls are paired with oud and percussion samples – each move feels tastefully judged, and every sound is used to pristine effect. Like his self-titled debut from 2021, which topped the Australian community radio charts, ‘Immigrant’ finds Moktar exploring his roots and embracing his heritage. 

Speaking about the EP, Moktar explained: “Through ‘Immigrant’ I wanted to highlight the struggle many people all over the world go through to be accepted, while representing the community in Egypt, North Africa and Australia. Fusing Middle Eastern sounds into my music has been a big part of helping me become proud of who I am. I feel passionate about bringing these sounds to a wider audience in the hope it helps others in the identity struggle feel a sense of pride too.”

Buy ‘Immigrant’ here

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