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The Sound Of: Freeride Millenium


Nov 9, 2022

Jorkes moved to Vienna in 2018 “for love”, accompanying Daniel, who went there to continue his studies. The former spent time working at the charity, where he realised money was tight. “I’m really afraid of the climate we live in in Europe,” he says of 2022’s general air of anger, fear and racism. “You need to have real solidarity, real love, to show compassion. It’s one thing to talk about it, to do posts and stories, but you really need to work to do good things. I saw friends doing that and I was super inspired.” It’s only through incremental change, he believes, that a more general transformation will take place. “I think it helps to erase these things in little steps,” he says of the obstacles currently being faced. “Working for these people, to integrate them into a society, does things that bring us all together a bit further.”

Jorkes and Daniel co-helm a monthly show on Munich’s Radio 80000, while Stuttgart’s Romantica hosts a label night, where the likes of Alinka and Curses have joined them previously. “It used to be an old strip club, so that’s the vibe,” says Jorkes, enthusiastically. “It’s very intimate and people let go of themselves. It’s very wild. I love to play there, I love to be there.”

In Vienna, Jorkes co-hosts Hot, a party whose logo features a pink-lit close-up of a glass meth pipe, its shiny curves resembling a smooth, anonymous orifice. An all-gender sauna party, it lost its original venue — an actual sauna — due to Covid, but has taken up temporary residence in new club PRST. “We can play there with the same elements we had at the sauna, like massages and a spa,” promises Jorkes.

Next up for Freeride Millenium is an EP from NIKKNAME, another Austrian-based producer and long-standing friend of the label. With the soaring, bittersweet title track ‘Bankai’ somewhere between modern Italo and ‘80s synth-pop, remixes are provided by Benjamin Fröhlich and Mufti. Then there’s a release from Zamal, who appeared on the label’s ‘Queer Base’ comp, and a pair from the label founders: an EP from Jorkes called ‘Sodomy’, followed by a ParisBöhm EP entitled ‘Sweetheart’.

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