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Giant Swan announce new EP, ‘Fantasy Food’


Nov 9, 2022

Giant Swan have announced a new EP, ‘Fantasy Food’, which is due to arrive on 13th January via their own KECK records.

This is the first new music from the Bristol duo since their ‘Do Not Be Afraid Of Tenderness’ EP in early 2021 and their self-titled debut album of 2019. The group’s Robin Stewart released his debut solo EP, ‘Time Travel,’ on The Trilogy Tapes back in 2020 and another EP, ‘‘Albatross’, via ipaadi in June 2021. Harry Wright, aka Mun Sing, collaborated with E B U on a track for Illegal Data’s February 2021 compilation

In 2021, Giant Swan released a tour film, ‘Flight of the Giant Swan’ which centres around a tour in November 2019 that took place following the release of debut LP. 

Check out ‘Fantasy Food’s’ first track, the”weirdo techno banger” ‘Rrr+1’, below. 

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