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Danny Daze’s Omnidisc label celebrates Miami artists with new 41-track compilation


Oct 28, 2022

Danny Daze’s Omnidisc label is celebrating Miami artists with a new compilation, which arrives on 9th December.

Spanning 41 tracks, ‘Homecore! Miami All-Stars’ “focuses on the connective tissue that is Miami” and will include contributions from the likes of Bitter Babe, Nick León, Near Dark, G. Padilla, Coffintexts, Troy Kurtz, Jonny From Space, and many more, including Danny Daze himself. 

“From house music legends to IDM and hip-hop pioneers, this release is intended to show what we’ve been about for the last 30+ years,” reads the Bandcamp blurb. “We’ve always maintained a love for our city and want to focus on how we’ve all influenced each other.”

Check out the ‘HOA021’ compilation on Bandcamp, and listen to it below.

Earlier this year, Danny Daze took DJ Mag’s Megan Venzin on a tour of his home studio and some lesser-known pockets of his hometown. Read that here.

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