October 6, 2022

Education States in the Northeast, West Coast and Great Lakes scored highest in the education category.

The state’s top education group for gender equality research examines the gender gap in two ways: four-year graduation rates between boys and girls and math achievement scores. eighth in literacy among boys and girls. Of all the categories based on bias in our analysis, education is the only one in which women do better than men.

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States in the northeast, west coast, and oceans scored the highest in the education sector, meaning they had the least gender disparity. Maryland, Indiana and Illinois took the top three spots. Alabama, Idaho and Arkansas, by far, have the lowest rates of any state. Among applicants for four-year degrees at public universities, women graduate at higher rates than men in every state. Nationally, 66% of women have finished school compared to 59.7% of men, a difference of 6.3 percentage points. Girls also score higher on reading achievement tests than boys in every state, and the gap grows as grade levels rise. Girls use 7 points in fourth grade than boys nationally, 11 points in eighth grade, and 13 points in 12th grade. In math, boys are ranked 4th in nearly every state, but only 3 points nationally. In the eighth grade, the difference between the scores decreases to less than 1 point. Back to the full list of the best states for gender equality.

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